Beginner Guitar Songs – "You Are My Sunshine" – Chord Melody & Strumming Lesson

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Hello friends,
welcome back to Swift Guitar Lessons for another beginner friendly song tutorial. In today’s session I’m breaking down one of the most recognizable American standards, “You Are My Sunshine.” We’ll get started learning a basic chord melody approach, before learning to strum through the verse and chorus sections. Let’s get started!

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  1. Hey friends, I'm building a massive library of videos, tabs, chord sheets, and other useful resources at Downloads for todays lesson can be accessed at: Thanks, enjoy your progress! -Rob

  2. Devhiin Nantha kumar

    Can you please do Dear Prudence by the Beatles please

  3. Григорий Лапшин

    Take the beutiful song "Goodbye" by Paul Maccartney please)))

  4. Jasjyot Khanduja

    Love your videos.
    Can you please make one for Breakaway by john mayer?

  5. Kevin Delk - Music

    I've been following u for almost 4 years now. Your voice is Awesome and getting so much better each time. I can physically see the change through the years. Now if I could improve myself maybe people would actually enjoy my music

  6. Nice one… 🙂 🙂

  7. Instant like!!

  8. Sugoro Dwi putra

    Your hair long now?

  9. Another great lesson. Thank you Rob!

  10. Perfect thanks

  11. Fernando Curiel

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Too high for me! But thanks ..i had stopped playing cz I have crappy rhythm… But this song comes easily to me.
    Have a great day and stay home and safe ✌️

  13. Great lesson Rob. One of your best. I guess I liked it because I am a relative beginner. It was easy to follow. Thanks.

  14. Could you make a lesson on if I fell by the Beatles?? Please!!

  15. Great lesson thanks!

  16. I sing this song every night to my daughter at bedtime.

  17. maybe youre interested in Chris Isaacs – Nothings Changed
    would be great 🙂

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