Beginner Lead Guitar Lesson: The Ten Basic Lead Guitar Moves

NOTE: MY GUITAR IS TUNED DOWN 1/2 STEP – more below. For the complete lesson, check out For all the FREE lessons and tips, visit

At its core, playing lead guitar is a matter of mastering some fundamental movements and combining them to form seemingly complex phrases. In this lesson, we’ll boil everything down to Ten Basic Moves!

PLEASE NOTE THAT MY GUITAR IS TUNED DOWN 1/2 STEP. This was not intentional, but rather a mistake – sorry for any confusion. You can either tune your guitar down 1/2 to match me or simply play the examples one fret lower. Remember that these are just movement combos – they can be played anywhere on the neck.
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  1. How to know what scale are you gonna play on every song please answer thankyou im just a beginner

  2. Thank you posting Jim. I will be working on this. Greatly appreciate

  3. 2019 – The .pdf and detailed lessons appear to have been removed.

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  5. Basil David Chukwubuikem

    This is great

  6. Great job sir, keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks Jim, it's great to see these basic movements up close. There are so many great teachers and accompanying videos on You Tube, but these techniques are not always covered in this up close and highlighted way.

    Thanks again, it is much appreciated my friend!

  8. I can actually see your fingers clearly on the fretboard

  9. Thank you so much! You are amazing!!!

  10. Thanks your great

  11. until 2:38 nothing happens………

  12. thanks Jim i appreciate this fundamental approach.

  13. Your links are down ?

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  15. Awesome for beginners! Thank you, can't wait to get started on these moves.

  16. Need to try this

  17. Love me some A penatonic. Good vid. #6 is a bad ass guitar lick.

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