Beginner Lesson 4 D Major Chord

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  1. Out of all the chords I learned so far from you this one HURTS aaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh

    Whyyy Marty?!

  2. Probably the best tutorial I've found regarding learning guitar. I've watched numerous videos, and its starting to come back to me.

    Any chance you can do more videos for Bass Guitar as well? I'm learning that too. Please!!!

  3. I saw a Huntington acoustic electric guitar for $50. , Is that a good guitar for me to continue my lesson and is that a good price . Because at the moment I have been practicing with a cresent blue acoustic guitar but I think is not a good quality guitar to start out with . Need your opinion.

  4. Marty is that an electric acoustic guitar ? How many inches Long

  5. I struggle with the D chord the most just because it's not making the sound I want I think cause I'm muting the high e string but PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!

  6. help!!! whenever i strum on the lighter strings i get this cut off sound !!

  7. Marty:I've been playing for 23 yers now. Me: ohhhh not that long at all hahah strums d and takes a sip of my wine hahaha what a great way to learn 🙂 having a blast

  8. Without doubt, hands down MARTY you’re truly a Guitar Teacher! I’ve paid good money for lessons back in 2012 after 10 months I can honestly say I was getting nowhere. Frustration set in and my guitar became a dust collector. THEN I stumbled upon your teaching series and I watched and listened to your first 2 lessons. I was overcome with a sense of excitement and out came the dust rag an Finally I was having fun learning the guitar for the first time! Thank you Marty, thank you so much. Can you make a vid on Loggins & Messina’s “Danny’s Song?”

  9. If the strings don't make any noise when you hold them down, try pushing harder! 🙂

  10. Thanks Marty .

  11. You got a little fancy there at the beginning Marty lol. Thank you for these great lessons 🙂

  12. I'm learning guitar threw these videos. Great job!

  13. Thanks man!! I’m into it!

  14. Wow my fingers are bleeding

  15. Hey Marty I been trying but my guitar just doesn’t sound like yours and I tuned it 2 days ago

  16. damn fingers still dont fit that A chord well

  17. Could you also teach the strumming patterns?
    Love the vids btw❤

  18. Thanks for the practical way that you teach us! 🙂

    love from Austria!

  19. Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!

    Is it just me or does he seem to hate his gutiar teacher

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