Beginner Lesson: Tuning Your Bass

This lesson will teach you two different ways to tune an electric bass guitar. First we will learn how to use an electronic tuner to get each string in tune. This is the method you will want to use when playing along with other musicians or recorded music. Then Russ will show you how to tune your bass using harmonics. This method of tuning comes in handy when you’re practicing by yourself and don’t have access to a tuner.


  1. What he says makes perfect sense to me. Yet at the same time when I try to do it I'm completely lost

  2. I literally have the same bass

  3. thanks for the help

  4. nice pun

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  6. don't tune your bass properly so people will finally hear it among other instruments 😉

  7. "Thanks for…Tuning…in today" harhar

  8. Thanks I'm tryin to learn bass.  My buddy kinda let me borrow it for a long time.

  9. ibanez gsr 200 i have it in black really powerful bass

  10. your cap is great 😀

  11. this guy will do well against the weeping angels

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  16. he gives schewe some competition

  17. Tuning the G-String….


  19. I am playing that same bass right now. Awesome.

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