Beginner Polka Bass Guitar Lesson By Scott Grove

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  1. Used to listen to Gene Carrol show followed by Polka Varieties on Sundays with my parents(dating myself here). Heard many styles of music that way. Recently heard a local Celtic/Irish Punk band for the second time and came to the realization that it was just Irish Polka! I love your history lessons. They put a very real perspective on how much or how little music has changed. Keep them coming.

  2. Really glad the joker prompted this video. Not the kind of tutorial info that's common online and it's a pretty cool style to know & play around with. Thanks for doing it! Much appreciated!

  3. Hey Scott i'm a hue fan of your videos and was wondering if you could make a polka basics lesson for acoustic guitar thanks again :)

  4. While I it's not my style, I do like hearing the history and evolution of music, so thank you for your time.

  5. I learned from this video even though I don’t intend to play polka. I never realized how similar it is to playing country. I also liked hearing about the history of Polka.

  6. Little did that joker who said "I was just kidding" about this lesson know, but this is exactly what a lot of us have been craving. I personally LOVE polka and square dancing. Grew up on Lawrence Welk and still watch it whenever I see reruns on the telly while flipping channels. The "Chicken Dance" song is one of the very few songs that guys who can't dance can actually have fun dancing to. I'd love to see a lesson on that song and how to add variations to it to make it extra fun and groovy. I'll be adding this bass lesson to my to-do list and I'm very gratefulyou took the time to do this one, Scott. Have a great week, my friend and stay groovy!

  7. Thanks for the link, a while back, to Garth Brooks and members of Kiss onstage together. Still kinda boggles my mind that country musicians would be into Kiss. I still remember "Detroit, Rock City" from the late 70's, I think, on vynil, when I was a wee lad still.

  8. Dear Scott

    In your paid lessons, you do a campfire series for guitar, where you play a decent version of the song on one guitar. Is it possible to do this type of thing for ukulele?



  9. Mexican Banda music is the same thing. Every single song ends the same *bum Bamp. It's the "take my wife, please" of song endings.

  10. Teach us Dixie on My Mind? I hope you are healing, my friend. Stay groovy!

  11. we love polka heino rules! thank you

  12. I loved this lesson doc, I am grateful any time you share your knowledge!

  13. I dont know if you agree but I consider Weird Al to be a legitimate musician and a GREAT Polka Artist !

  14. Despite the asshole asking for stuff he doesn't want to learn, it is always good to learn a new style!

  15. I saw a polka band in the beer garden of an amusement park in Niagara Falls Ontario a long while back, and they were using an electric bass.

  16. Hey Scott , You keep granting peoples request for lessons. Don't let some asshole ruin it for all us who appreciate you sharing your knowledge . Love your stuff man.

  17. What about Tejano?

    Haha, "Doing a nice verse and then…" 7:28 Polka gone wild! Goddammit you make me want burn all my guitars and take up stamp collecting instead.

  18. Loved the video; thanks! Back in the day Polka bands would play our fall church festival. Good memories!

  19. Wow Scott. That guy is a Douche for doing that. that is a waste of your time man. If he isn't going to be serious about it then why even ask. Oh well this will be something else I can learn and put under my belt man. Thanks for making the video even though that guy was a dick about it. Hey man I had my surgery yesterday. Everything went well and hardly any swelling and no pain a little bleeding but not as much as they though I would have with the bleeding disorder. Hey would you be able to make me a video like a short 5 minute one? on that sustainiac patch you made? Thanks in advance lve ya deerly not queerly man

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