Beginner Rock Guitar Lesson – Week 1

This beginner rock guitar lesson is 30 minutes in length, includes printable playing materials (download), and covers an incredible amount of basic information. To receive the free download materials click here:
For a complete list of contents please check out the chapter list below:
00:03 Introduction to course
01:50 The Journey Begins
01:54 Guitar tablature explained
03:23 Tab demonstrated with A minor
pentatonic scale.
03:50 Introduction to Guitar Pro
04:28 Guitar tuning
05:00 Exercise 1 – Tuning
06:49 Digital tuner
07:18 How to hold a pick
07:42 Power chords
08:24 Exercise 2 – Power Chords
08:27 Click on icon (top right) to download tab.
09:07 Jam with backing track
10:11 Power chords continued – string muting
11:29 Practice amp setup
14:25 Proper fretting hand angle
15:55 Palm muting
16:27 Note name of power chords
16:55 How to position guitar while sitting
17:24 Tip to learn how to stand and play comfortably.
17:48 Proper angle of fretting wrist
18:15 Finger movement technique
20:03 Exercise 3 – Am Pentatonic scale, first position.
20:52 Exercise 4 – Power chord jam
21:36 Jam with backing track
22:20 Electric or acoustic guitar?
22:54 Tips for buying a guitar
24:24 Guitar parts
27:00 Animated tab at any tempo
27:30 Lesson end
28:11 Download tab
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  1. I like this, im an old dude and a slower talking old dude is easier to learn from. 🙂

  2. About time I found a good teacher I'm going to stick with you when I can

  3. Your explanations are simple and easy to understand but your visual example totally confuses the beginner. You say "press 1rst string 1rst fret" but your hand is in a chord shape that makes it hard to follow. One note in one fret – I expect to see one finger on the guitar and not 4.

  4. Here's a pro tip.

    The more distortion you add to your sound, the less your guitar will show in the mix. Ever wonder how bands like AC/DC have such huge guitars with crushing tones? Angus and Malcolm Young use very little distortion. When they recorded Back In Black, they were using vintage Marshalls cranked up that were practically clean.

    If you are beginner, learn to play clean. Learning to play with all kinds of distortion tends to hide mistakes and imperfections in your playing. Mistakes and imperfections stick out when you play clean and therefore, you can correct them before they become bad habits.

  5. Hi Doug. I think I take one more time the guitar in my hand after a couple of years. This time I want to finish the course. By the way back when I used to play you helped me a lot with barred chords. Thanks.

  6. Dude, I ordered your tapes back in like 1985. I still can't play. Can I have my money back?.. Kidding. But seriously, how'd you manage to keep that hair?!

  7. I wish I had found this channel when I had started playing. Really great beginner lessons. Well done!

  8. Is Doug going to give ME the keys to the Lamborghini?

  9. You kick ass Doug. I remember the tapes in the " old " days. I started playing again after 20yrs. I was stoked to see you on YouTube. I went to different players giving online lessons and they were ok. Your are very good. Full props to you brother…..

  10. Great stuff man, thank you.

  11. If you're playing a 5-7 powercord with the 5 on the A string and you're muting the E string with the tip of your index finger to mute it, does it matter if you strum all 3 strings. Hope that made sense.

  12. Just picking up after years.. really dug the first lesson but can't find the rest?

  13. 12:30 "and it still sounds exactly the same, just a little louder" Amazing 😀

  14. wow!!!! remember his adds in the magazines! first time seeing him!!! this guys is cool as hell!!!!!

  15. This is great, after much hunting on YouTube you have made guitar lessons seem learnable. I have learned more on this first week than I have in the last 6 weeks of lessons from others. Thank You

  16. love u mark. been following u since the 80s. i had this on vhs

  17. Where is week 2?
    The order and structure of your lessons is very confusing to me.

  18. Yes Doug, you're a legend! Thanks for this lesson.. Greatly appreciated!

  19. Good to see you are still rocking Doug. I ordered the course with cassette tapes in 1984, it sure was a big help for me!
    Thanks again!

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