Beginner Slack-Key Guitar Lesson

Beginner Slack-Key Guitar Lesson going over tuning, alternating bass, and diatonic positions up and down the neck. Click here for some sheet music:

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  1. Thank You ☺

  2. Wow, thanks! So appreciated the new concepts!

  3. I play slack key. I had two guitar . The full size one is tuned to DGDGBD. I use this guitar if I need to play the carter style or bass notes. The other guitar is a 1/2 or baby size…shorter classical nylon. What I did is I remove the 6th bass string so the tuning become GDGBD. In addition , I replace the 5th string with a nylon high E string and tune it to high G. I can do that because the baby size has a shorter lenghth and the nylon can take the tension. Why I do that because for some picking (particularly the banjo style) , too much bass sound bad.

  4. Hell that's nice in it self!!!

  5. Thanks for this

  6. Thank you for teaching us in baby steps, it's really important for my level. Your other clips are inspiring plus your singing is Wow!

  7. Aloha Curtis, I love Slack Key Guitar. I've never plaid guitar, nor any instrument for that matter. I want to learn slack key. Where would be a good place to start?

  8. You rock! That was a great intro.

  9. Thanks Curtis for putting together an easy to follow intro. Mahalo!

  10. Thanks. I took my first trip to Hawaii. I realized that I have to learn slack key.

  11. Woah! cut me some slack! I'd love to play slack key!

  12. very helpful Curtis…. thanks!!

  13. I have been coming back to this video for a few years now. And it is still the best intro session out there. My love for Hawaiian music and culture are deep. I used to just listen to it in the morning to relax the kids and take me back to Kauai and Hanalei. It feels really special to be able to play some of this magical tradition. I will take what you have taught me and treat it with the respect it deserves. And, if you know of a good Ukelele video for a 4 and 6 year old, please let me know. they love their papas guitar but even my smallest is huge! Mahalo and Aloha.

  14. Thank you Curtis! That was such a relaxing first lesson. I played that for a few hours and started walking it around. I look forward to lesson two!

  15. Thank you! Very helpful lesson

  16. Tailhunter Sportfishing Adventures

    Curtiss! Howzit? Is that a "Slick Pick" you're using on your thumb. Which one? Mahalos, Brah! Great lesson.

  17. You fucking guy. That was amazing.

  18. This is a great introduction to a beautiful art form. Your approach is very clear and relaxed. Makes learning easy. Excellent job.

  19. Very good intro and good practice material. Mahalo nui loa!

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