Beginner Strumming Patterns For Acoustic Guitar Pattern 1 – Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again right here with my brand new project “MartyMusic” – I’ve released 5 brand new easy beginner strumming patterns on this “Technique Friday” lesson. Stay tuned for the end plate for the link to my “Easy Acoustic Songs” Playlist! Peace and Love and thank you so much for supporting my new thing right here at “martyMusic”
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  1. thanks man..beginner lessons very good and easy.

  2. Could somebody please explain how you would count his rhythm in 4/4 or 3/4 time? Thanks in advance.

    Ps, Marty, thank you for all the great videos over the years. You're hands down the best guitar instructor on YouTube.

  3. uhm… couldja make a vid on how to play Teenagers by My Chemical Romance pls?

  4. shawn mendes – treat you better ; theres no good tutorials ive found and i need proper chords and strum pattern for the song, frustrating to try to learn when theres not a good method

  5. Marty, you really are a fantastic teacher. You break everything down and make it so simple and easy to follow.

  6. Thanks Marty your videos are great I'm learning heaps from them!

  7. not sure if you already did a video on this but my PIC keeps falling out of my fingers when playing..and i can't play and sing at the same time .. i get off beat

  8. This guy really looks like Jonah Hill. This helped btw thanks!

  9. Good stuff Marty

  10. Love your lessons! Been following you and telling people to check you out for years. My son has just started learning and told him to go to Marty's page.

  11. you're the best


    please do some acdc riffs like: you shook me all night long or highway to hell.

  13. Diana Skogastierna

    It world be great if you could play "do i wanna know?" Arcitc monkeys

  14. Hey Marty love ur vids and I was wondering if you could teach Angel Eyes by Jeff Healy Band?

  15. hi marty could you please do a lesson about how to play wet sand by red hot chilli peppers

  16. Hey Marty love the videos you've helped me out so much! wondering if you could do justin timberlake – Cry me a river

  17. Heey marty can you do a tutorial on a song called Joky by Ahn Jung Jae , its an unpopular song and i've seen tabs of it on the internet and tutorials but they're unclear can you please do a tutorial on it, thank youu

  18. Hey Marty I'd be really cool if you could do some Muse songs like Stockholm Syndrome or Knights of Cydonia!

  19. hey Marty can you please do some more srv and Hendrix songs? love the new channel

  20. Could you teach winter by Joshua Radin

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