Beginner Strumming Patterns For Acoustic Guitar Pattern 3 – Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again right here with my brand new project “MartyMusic” – I’ve released 5 brand new easy beginner strumming patterns on this “Technique Friday” lesson. Stay tuned for the end plate for the link to my “Easy Acoustic Songs” Playlist! Peace and Love and thank you so much for supporting my new thing right here at “martyMusic”
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  1. it´s so hard for me to remember chords because there are so many chords… does anyone have any tips or tricks to help me learn chords?

  2. Help me can't understand strumming pattern at C

  3. I wish to see a lesson on superman's dead by our lady peace 🙂

  4. TenEightOf Diamonds

    So I'm on my fifth day and I'm with him with the pattern, I can just get G after about 3 seconds of fumbling and then I go for D and I think I broke my hand… onward and upward I say!!

  5. Thanks so much for all your videos, Marty! I have a request please… no one does a tutorial on this Jake Owen song called "Anything for You" — I know the easy chords, but don't know the strum pattern 🙁 Help Please! Thanks again!

  6. Thank Marty for all your work!

  7. Oh, I dug it all right! This is the best way to know how to play my acoustic guitar! Thanks!

  8. Amazing …… Awesome

  9. Even after all these years, you still bring a smile to my face, man, right on! Keep doing what you do, brother, it's appreciated on many more levels than just the obvious. Rock on!

  10. Anneke van Heerden

    Putting it to the universe…Marty, please add i follow rivers…

  11. dude I was actually holding my breath when you said don't forget to breathe

  12. I always learn something from you.. thanks so appreciated!

  13. Its always been my right hand I had trouble with your videos help. Thanks

  14. I'm not so quick at transitioning between chords… wish i were

  15. Oliisawesome right now

    I usually add a DU at the end.

  16. how to I learn how to move my left hand without pausing?

  17. MusicManFernando

    Like Danny Lewis said,   Marty changed the pattern. Also it would be very helpful to mention the counting such as 1,2,3and.  Is this in 3/4 time ?? It seems like it .

  18. you learn this and you just learned knocking on heavens door LOOL

  19. Jason VanHanswyk

    Howdy Linked in!

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