Beginner Strumming Patterns For Acoustic Guitar Pattern 4 – Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again right here with my brand new project “MartyMusic” – I’ve released 5 brand new easy beginner strumming patterns on this “Technique Friday” lesson. Stay tuned for the end plate for the link to my “Easy Acoustic Songs” Playlist! Peace and Love and thank you so much for supporting my new thing right here at “martyMusic”
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  1. Love your yt vids Marty! I saw in the intro, your fretting hand lifts off slightly at each "chuck" is there a reason for this? Thanks, Kev.

  2. I just kinda karate chopping my strings above the soundhole to get that scratch sound. Prolly not great for my instrument, but my string spacing is wider than my hand so muting and strumming always ends up with the high e ringing

  3. who like this Crazy man 😀

  4. Janie Kaniewski

    Thank you Marty. I am just starting to play guitar. Always wanted to but it just seemed to hard and I'm a lefty so playing it right handed was very awkward for me. I stated with lesson one of course and now I'm into the 4th and I'm actually playing something that doesn't sound like my fingers are stuck in the strings. It's also fun for me and I'm loving the lessons. You've made it very easy. Thanks so much. BTW I'm a 61 year old grandmother and having a shit ton of fun.

  5. great lesson!!

  6. Marty, thank you for this! Great videos

  7. Suzanna Ververda Huizing

    from the Netherlands lots of love and thank you so much!!!

  8. Very well taught. Thanks

  9. RezTech auto detailers

    As a beginner to guitar playing, your lessons have been very informative. Thanks Marty.

  10. CCR songs….

  11. Had the guitar 2 weeks, fingers painful. Thanks for making this easier than it could have been, you're a good teacher.

  12. Happy New Year Marty! Thank you for your instruction. My wife`s ex husband sent the twins home with guitars in November and at 44 years old, chose to pick up the guitar. I am following your videos. I am a dyslexic person that after 3 weeks still can't remember the 6 string cords name but can learn from your lessons. So thank you 5o allow me to learn from you and teach my step children at age 9 twins on the cheap guitars they now own.i look to get an electric in a month.

  13. man, I love you marty but you say your doing "UDU", but your adding other strums that you dont mention and it messes with me so much

  14. I tought I'll never be able to play that intro along with you but I got it!

  15. If you do the strumming at the sound hole it’s better for the muting if you’re having trouble

  16. Karate Kid. Lol

  17. thank you so much Marty!

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