Beginner Strumming Patterns For Acoustic Guitar Pattern 5 – Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Strumming Patterns For Acoustic Guitar Pattern 5 - Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again right here with my brand new project “MartyMusic” – I’ve released 5 brand new easy beginner strumming patterns on this “Technique Friday” lesson. Stay tuned for the end plate for the link to my “Easy Acoustic Songs” Playlist! Peace and Love and thank you so much for supporting my new thing right here at “martyMusic”
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  2. Kick ass I'm glad I found you

  3. angry little nigga

    I think that when you put the Down Ups in text on screen its easier to follow, maybe do that when you make a video on a song? Thanks marty

  4. thank you! thank you very much Kuya Marty…

  5. I've had a hard time learning until I found your videos, I'm 43 now and have had a guitar almost my whole life and am just now learning.

  6. Thank you so much! You are very good at what you do! I just got my first guitar on my 40th birthday last Saturday and I have already learned a lot from your strumming patterns! I am a total noob and I am looking forward in learning more from your videos! Much appreciated!!

  7. Hey Marty i'm so happy I found your channel your videos really help a lot!

  8. It's a bit too fast for me, for now…

  9. you are just awesome……..

  10. Hi Marty! I'm new from St Pete, Fl. I just started like 3 weeks ago and love your videos. I'm learning so much and keep practicing these same ones over and over with you. Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate you. I've looked a few other videos online and I feel you're the best at helping me. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for all the videos. Love it!

  12. Hi, can u play DD UUDUD with AEDE CHORD

  13. Barani Ganapathy

    New subscriber here…. This is a cool channel. Hope I could learn more and well.

  14. Thanapol Noranitiwan

    thanks, Marty

  15. thx for the stumming pattern mate 😀

  16. Sir firstly you are awesome, the way you teach,makes me love guitar more and more. Thank you and Now a big question, when I up strum, what string should I go up to? D to E high? or A to E high?

  17. Niagara Hardscaping

    I love this new channel! This mini strumming pattern series was just what I needed. Nicely done Marty!

  18. Thanks Marty! I am going to work those into my practice routine for a while!

  19. went through patterns pretty easy except pattern 2, so will be working on that one and 12 bar blues lesson 1 for couple weeks. thanks marty!

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