Beginner Video Guitar Lesson – Learning Basic Chords

In this lesson Brad Henecke, a instructor, teaches 3 common chords that every guitar must know. The A Major, D Major and E Major chords. All beginners should know that with just these three chords you can literally play hundreds of thousands of songs! For more lessons from JamPlay and Brad check out this link : .

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  3. Great lesson – finally someone who can explain chords for total beginners!

  4. Hi there,
    What software are you using to split the screen and show tablature? thanks

  5. I'm practicing this set of chords here

  6. this guy does not look qualified to teach me electric guitar

  7. Poor guys mic sensitivity is too high. Once I get past that this is pretty helpful

  8. Awesome job. Thanks

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  10. It helped me but it didn't really help me at the same time because I could not see where I was suppose to put my fingers on the guitar at. If that made any sense

  11. The Amazing Johnathan moonlights as a guitar instructor?

  12. Easy for me to understand. Thank you (y)

  13. i really get a better outcome when he teaches finger position and cords….

  14. im only 12 so its hard for me to do. also, I think my hands are too mall. can someone help me out?

  15. Jacob E. Hedgepeth

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    Or looked at the guitar lesson subscription web sites,
    then I'm sure you already know how expensive they can be.
    You probably thought – "That's far too much for me to afford".
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  16. thanks ever so much for this lessonon how to use a different A chord which is more beneficial in moving from that chord to D, E found that it also helps with E7 & im pretty sure I'll fi nd others .now I've just got to let my fingers relearn how to play "How Many Flowers Grow In An English Garden"using this new technique

  17. @NateMantle I didn't even know I had the top rated comment. What you say its right, sometimes it depends on the next chord you're playing but if you play the chord 2,1,3, the first finger (1) will not be near where the fret ends and that may make the second string buzz a little bit. Also it depends on the person, I find it very uncomfortable to play it like he says in the video but other people may find it cool.

  18. very rewarding and well thought out lesson for the beginner

  19. @Alrreola its more easy if you want to be stuck playing shit. you gotta get a good technique unless you want to be stuck playing power chords or kumbayah your whole life you wank

  20. lol "most Easiest"

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