Beginners Guitar Lesson 1 |How To Choose And Buy Your First Guitar (In Hindi)

Beginners Guitar Lesson 1 |How To Choose And Buy Your First Guitar (In Hindi)

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Hello people! This is the first video of the beginner Guitar series. In this video I’ll talk about what all things you need to do in order to buy the best possible first guitar. I really hope that you’ll find this video informative and useful. Cheers guys!! Lets start !! m/


  1. dude…I have to buy new guitar…I can play guitar,am not beginner….
    so just I want to ask u…I want accosting guitar

  2. I a a beginner…please tell me something abot guitar how I have to ppau

  3. nice bro

  4. kushagra parashar

    which model is that??? the electric guitar and th amp???? also tell the prices please!!

  5. how to find ocativ in guitar

  6. This video quality is very poor 13,000 how?

  7. can you suggest me about ibanez grg 170 dx I want to buy it…
    m not a professional just for college band…

  8. abhishek surywanshi

    plz suggest minimum price electric guitar??

  9. apka amp ki
    price kya hai?????

  10. bhai apka video aaj pehli baa dekha.acha tha video bahut aur yahi way acha lagta hain samjhane ka.simple……nice video


    what about kaps guitar. 5k i bought it.

  12. Did you please answer me bro that if i want to play rock and bollywood songs too on a guitar so which guitar may i buy…………. Pls answer me

  13. very nice video. what is your yamaha acaustic model number?

  14. hey bro i love your videos and its amazing lessons for beginners thank you for that

  15. Abhishek Sarkar

    Nice vid bro! I own a Yamaha F310 as well and I recently modified it with a bone saddle and nut and also corrected the intonation. They made my sound thrice more resonant. Thinking of getting my first electric. Do you recommend a Squier Bullet Strat or Affinity Strat?

  16. hey iam a complete beginner n also i dont have any friend of mine who knows to play guitar

    would u recommend any guitar within the price range of INR6000 for me please
    i have actually selected this one inn online market so do take this into consideratio

  17. All the best sweetheart 🙂 

  18. thanx alot i will do my best and hope you will post soon 1st lesson for us..
    and hindi me xplain krne k liye aapka bhut bsa thanx bhai.. 🙂

  19. Thanks bro!
    Waiting for the next lesson!!!!!

  20. Thanks bro!
    Waiting for the next lesson!!!!!

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