Beginner’s Guitar Lesson on Power Chords

Beginner's Guitar Lesson on Power Chords

Power chords are the easiest chords for a beginner to learn, because they take the least finger strength. They’re called cheater chords because they don’t have three notes in them, only two, and hence are really just perfect 5th intervals, also called diads.

Power chords can be substituted in place of real chords, which is partly what makes them so incredibly useful – especially for beginner players.

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  1. dude why youre actin fast and pro , and your title is for beginners u have to calm the fuck down and expalin slowly

  2. Jithinjayan George

    is th E string is droped to D?

  3. follow up video on the theory of the fifths and triads would be nice I know you mentioned this was a crash course but I actually came looking for the theory

  4. song @ 3.34 please

  5. Less yelling please.

  6. My fingers don't go that far

  7. wheresallthezombies

    lol, a chord is 2 notes or more. so what are you talking about?


  9. did anyone else notice his sharp ass thumb nail?

  10. dont rape me

  11. I'm an intermediate player and i have a huge problem in that my ring and little finger get really painful when playing power chords for a long time. I powered through today and they just failed. Now I have to stop my practice even though I have loads of time because it hurts to move them at all now. Can you help? I'm sure I'm doing myself damage.

  12. holy shit this confused me even more

  13. Cool brudda. like the vids. keep em coming man I need the help lol.

  14. great vidieo

  15. lol "DAMN I LOST MY PICK"

  16. Rly cool and happy lesson! Rly Rock & Roll! Thx man!

  17. Thanks for this bro! My brother and cousin are metal and rock guitarist. I learned the basics as a kid, and now I want to be a rocker as well!

  18. Dude is super annoying

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