Beginning Guitar Lesson-Basic Right Hand Picking Techniques

In this lesson you will learn the most commonly used right hand picking techniques for playing acoustic or electric guitar. Guitar 101 is a series of lessons for the absolute beginner guitar player, you can find the rest of the lesson series when you go to DANMANS.COM where you will also find hundreds of song video lessons for the guitar.


  1. Highway to hell!

  2. Beautiful sound!! 🙂

  3. you enjoy Caps Lock don't you?

  4. What kind of amp is it?
    Sound great.

  5. Gio Estrada Martin

    there would be no innovation if everybody did the same shit men

  6. PANTERA -_- _liil

  7. no offense but your pinch harmonics need a little work

  8. Do you know Economy picking

  9. 33333 views 😀

  10. there is some dust on your guitar mate but great shit man

  11. This is why electrical guitars are so darn cool!!! I've never played one, only acoustic, but they can do so much! Nice video

  12. @gavatron3000 thunder kiss 65' by white zombie =]

  13. Thunderkiss 65 🙂

  14. Very informative. Thanks.

  15. ok… how the hell do I make my guitar sound like that?

  16. Jonas Finn Larsson

    @DJMetalHead98 hard rock

  17. thank u guys for the picking lessons….awesome !

  18. what the song at 4:25?

  19. its an squier telecaster

  20. Good job. A very nice work we all thank you. I'd just recommend you to do some editing and equalize the voice and the sound. To me voice sounds too low compared to the music. And voice volume also goes up and down sometimes.

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