Beginning Guitar Tommy Emmanuel Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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  1. Thomas,,,,, Don't You Lie to ME,,,,,,, You Have 2 Brains !!!!

  2. Richard Phillips Singer

    The King!

  3. What a joy and satisfaction that must be to be able to relay your emotions and joy into a man made wooden object, than can speak to others of your soul.  Tommy, if your listening, I GET IT.

  4. can I buy this on dvd?

  5. GuitarUniverse2013

    Saw him tonight with the fantastic Rodney Crowell as opener. What a night of music it was, and everything was just first rate! Energetic beyond believe -funny, quick – not a lot of fooling around between songs but just like Hardtail Knouff toget a couple laughs in and then boom the downbeat. Tommy is a force of nature.

  6. Out of all the ~15 pantheon guitarists we had so far, I'd wager that people would like to hear Tommy Emmanuel the most – when you give all the EVHs, Satrianis, Hendrix', Johnsons, Collins', Gibbons', etc. only a guitar to play with, no backing band or rhythm section whatsoever.

    Second on this very subjective list would be Knopfler or Clapton, imo. There is something about their fingerpicking style that pleases the ear very much – contrastingly, have you ever tried to play 'Free Bird' without a rhythm section? It's plain horrible! You cannot impress people with that noodling; as impressive as it may be when played with band.

    Such a shame that acoustic players get kinda left by the wayside, I feel. Emmanuel is easily the best healthy, non-drug-problem-having guitarist in my lifetime. All signs pointing to him being a standout nice and humble guy doesn't hurt this evaluation either.

  7. wow with all those thumb chords, looks like he favors a slim neck, unlike most fingerstyle players

  8. Thanks for the Tommy Emmanuel Show Great stuff, BUT certainly not a tutorial, did you ever think of all those crazy chords you used And maybe share some? They are ridiculously hard chords and as a finger style player myself I find that the chords are crucial in fingerpicking and would’ve loved to learn them thanks for the concert I didn’t learn a thing but it was a great concert

  9. orangecrunkmusic

    Micheal J Fox an amazing guitar player

  10. Хари Блинкин

    Блякмор может спать! под каблуками Эмнуэля

  11. 日本一小さい音楽専門学校!

    A minor Tune 15:15
    I will see you in my Dreams 23:10
    Tonic arrpegio 33:10

  12. I've heard it's bad technique to "anchor" the fingers.

  13. I find it strange that he needs to use a thumb pick.

  14. I have never made a comment on a video I watched. but I will just now simply, to say God bless you . thank you for taking the time, to share your gift. may the Lord shine on you to all eternity. you sir are an incredibly awesome person, not to mention your talent, I'm certain you were born with this gift, but very much aware of the hard work and effort also. again thank you thank you thank you

  15. "Once you practice that for a week", and were only 6 minutes in. Anyone wanna buy a guitar? I've got one for sale.

  16. someone knows the name of the song? 34:30

  17. Hey Guys, the song at the beginning is "goin to south australia", thanks Jock Mcfrog.

  18. From the first time I saw/heard Tommy years ago until 9/1/17 I've been addicted to this genius.

  19. Northern Frisian

    1996 holy shit=)

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