Beginning The Major Scale – Bass Lesson with Scott Devine (L#58)

Beginning The Major Scale - Bass Lesson with Scott Devine (L#58)

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In this lesson I showed you how to play the beginning of the Major Scale


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  1. aimthemoon quaytalig

    i noticed that his computer also shows the video…….i am seeing an infinty

  2. Hello scott
    Ive been playing electric guitar for a while now and already know The majority of scales and chords on The electric guitar how ever i lack right hand finger technique but i can work on that. I word in a music store and for some time ive been drawn to a bass guitar, something clicked in my head and either i am aiming tovtransition to bass or add another instruments to my skill as a hobby, but i also feel an inner tendency to learn it because i feel there an attraction for me to be on a gig with a bass rather than just The electric guitar. Never been on gigs at age 32 im just doing it as a hobby to do in my free time. Im from lebanon, we dont have much bassists here, a few good ones and I May be able to join a couple of important bands in my circle that play arabic music which is phrygian mode on The neck. What would you advise me to do? I am going to watch your beginner video and apply them on The bass and possible record a few improvisations in order to know if im good enough to continue. Is there an email i can contact you on?

  3. WEBSITE IS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i have a problem with my second and 4th finger
    I play the c note with the 2nd finger, but when i play D with the 4th it doesn't sound right 🙁
    and it hurts if I keep repeating it.

  5. What guitar are you playing?

  6. The theme to 'Eastenders' is also in the Cmaj scale, I think, and possibly 'Fly me to the Moon'.

  7. Scott is the most musical teacher I've found online. He teaches music via the bass. And if you understand the music itself, playing bass is just a question of technique. It's not about memorizing a bunch of shapes, it's about understanding the language of music itself, so that you learn to play as if you were talking, expressing your ideas, not spitting out memorized phrases.

  8. Thanks Scott!

  9. Your channel is just amazing. Thanks!! 🙂

  10. Never seen anyone confuse Superman and Star Wars

  11. I've been playing bass for years but I've only started learning "scales" now. Which means I'm learning what I'm coming out of when I do it. I know what to do but I don't know what scale I'm coming out of. So is a "scale" a key you're coming out of? Is that the same thing?

  12. The trouble ibhave is transferring from the treble cleff to the bass cleff, I play clarinet.

  13. Hey How Do I Mute My Strings When Playing The Scales? Can Anyone Help?

  14. What about those of us that barely know the strings?? Hard to keep up with you not sure when you're switching strings

  15. Sandrine Victoria Lily Lou Benard

    Oo a microwave chef oO no f*** way ! I love cooking and with this comparision, I understand now why it's so important to learn how exactly it's meant to be play. Thanks Scott

  16. Scott, God Bless you…I have been messing around with an old Yamaha RBS 200 I bought 26 years ago and never got serious with it until recently when I had a lot of spare time…this gets me excited to play all over again. You just got a very long-term subscription from me.

  17. After watching this Carol Kaye interview I got a greater understanding as to why what you teach is so important to all genre of music. She talks about the learning gap between jazz and today's music in this interview.

  18. You look like my little brother … so it seems to me that he teaches me to play the bass – strange .. thanks for all your videos.

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