Bekhayali (Kabir Singh) intro solo guitar lesson – Detailed discussion and the Blues

Bekhayali intro guitar solo lesson with detailed description of tone and tips to learn the Blues.


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  1. Thanks for the tab. I can play the correct notes now ❤

  2. this lick is like jimmy hendrix to me

  3. Tried a lot but not able to play
    Also no electic teachers around

  4. Sir, pls teach the ending solo of bekhayali

  5. স্যার আপনি কলকাতার কোথায় শেখান আমি এডভান্স লেভেল গিটার শিখতে চাই

  6. Very easy…

  7. you play with feelings Mann that's awesome

  8. Thnks brother

  9. Great. Thanks for the blues recommendations as well

  10. This solo is played by kalyan baruah and he is not a new modern player of Bollywood

  11. So much talent biro …still underated

  12. awesome brother

  13. Dude im a beginner and i just cracked this solo in 10 mins. Do me a solid and give us the main solo.
    Ps. Ur teaching needs a lot of work bro

  14. Thanks sir…you are a very nice player

  15. Sir i want to join ur class but i m from rajasthan kota, so how could i take class…sir please i need ur help…give me some solution…

  16. Sir, aap ka chehra toh kabhi kisi video mein dikha hi nahi, is mein dikhaya v toh adha adhura..

  17. Bhaisab bohotj bate karteho

  18. Outro solo

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