Ben E. King "Stand By Me" Guitar Lesson, Original Key with Bassline

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another By Request song tutorial, brought to you by Revo Guitar Straps. In this lesson, I’ll revamp a previous tutorial on Ben E. King’s 1962 classic “Stand By Me.” This time around, I’ll be showing you a more advanced version that features percussive strumming, and embellishments taken from Lloyd Trotman’s iconic bassline. For the more advanced viewers, I’ll also demonstrate how you can solo over this tune with some Jimi Hendrix inspired licks. This lesson was made possible by my supporters at and my friends at Revo Guitar Straps. Let’s get started!

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  1. Hello friends,
    You can find my new tab and chord sheet for this and all my other YouTube lessons at: There you can also access a growing list of exclusive backing tracks, lessons, ebooks and more!

  2. Great Lesson. And you have a great voice. Thank you.

  3. Thanks,NICE ! Everything about it!

  4. 00.53 start the tutorial

  5. Giacomo Bergonzi

    First lesson of you I happen to see, it's really amazing, everything is just perfect!

  6. Sergio Poblete Echeverria

    Saludos amigo,disfrutando tus tutoriales aqui en casa y aprendiendo un poco.Un abrazo.

  7. Hey Ho. This is a super good Video and you are a Killer Singer and Player. But i have a qustion. Perhaps its just to my ears that the guitar sounds a little out of tune. i now there is always the typical problem with D chord or major A which sounds very often not in tune while the bar chords sound in tune and vice versa. I recently talked to a f
    guy of taylor guitars and he said thats something you cannot change and its in the wood, not an intonation problem necessarily. Is that just to my ears ? Much respect for your cool playing

  8. Honestly , I think you are the coolest dude i found on youtube, You are very details in your tutorials with chords and especially the picking and strumming patterns which others never want to share unless paying them money.. Thank you.

  9. I massive thanks for your all efforts mate! As I'm a foreign guy even for me so easy learning from your tutorials big big time!!

  10. Nice lesson! Such a classic song to jam on!

  11. Awesome demonstration

  12. Lansinlung Gonmei

    very impressive.. thank you for the lesson

  13. Redneckhaven69

    This ssturck a chord with me

  14. are his strings nylon or steel.

  15. Outstanding performance!

  16. Amazing voice

  17. Why this video 22 mins it's only 4 chords

  18. Why am I crying?

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