Bending Strings – Technique Series – How To Play IF Stage 4 – Guitar Lesson [IM-144]

This guitar lesson is an in depth look at the technique of string bending, exact hand positions and exercises to get them in tune!

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This is part of Justin’s Intermediate Guitar Method, Foundation. A series of lessons available free online!

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  1. Well this is life changing. Now I know why all my bends sound like crap

  2. How it comes that when you bend 1st string you get onther strings UNDER your finger and not over the nails?

  3. 7:37 haha!! I laughed so hard when you said "seagull effect" and then it actually sounded like a seagull! Didn't know it was called that.

  4. I bend downwards but have noticed that everyone else bends upwards. is downward bending personal choice or bad technique? and if so ..why?

  5. nice One Sir Justin. Very imformative lesson. Thanks!

  6. Good lad Justin, another great lesson, thank you

  7. Thats a great bending lesson, thank you.

  8. This still doesn't make sense.

  9. is that a magic mushroom tattoo

  10. I watched this video and the one by Rob Chapmen and I just can't get it, if I try I either mash my hand together because my fingers don't move or a have to move them up forcably and I'm really struggling to keep them stiff. Any advice?

  11. Really great lesson. I've been playing for years, but as I'm mainly self taught, I was missing the "magic tip" of how to bend properly. Then I watched this! Can't thank you enough.

  12. I don't understand how you move your fingers…i try to move my fingers and i move my guitar :/

  13. Grande Justin. Love your videos and your approach to teaching. Keep going and thank u very much.

  14. I have a question about string bending, are my fingers supposed to feel a bit painful when string bending? When I was watching the video, Justin didn't even frown a bit when doing a tone bend, is it normal for me to feel pain?

  15. i find my fingers getting caught under the next string up and thats always been my problem with bending strings.

  16. The 'seagull' effect? You were clearly exaggerating the release to make it sound like that, it can sound great.

  17. One tip for you guys that could help is to make sure your thumb is three frets behind the bending fret. This makes you use that pivot Justin was talking about on your pointer fingers knuckle area

  18. I broke my first string while playing the "Stairway to heaven " Final Solo………I always find first string bending difficult…..

  19. Another great tip Justin. Thanks man!

  20. Thanks so much for mentioning that it was only an electric technique at the start of the video! Very helpful haha

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