Bending & Vibrato Guitar Lesson

Bending & Vibrato Guitar Lesson – Monkey Lord Guitar Tuition

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  1. Vibrato when you're hanging on to a note for a while is one thing, but doing it and going into a legeato/picked penatonic run immediately after is a whole other monster.

  2. been constantly practicing vibrato for literally 2 months now and am still struggling to while bending to make it a noticeable semitone change and fast at the same time, like a Hendrix/Buddy guy. My hand is cramped up all the time and every time i follow the steps it's just slow and terrible sounding, I'm using 9's as well! Please someone help if they can! šŸ™

  3. Christian Hoover

    Thank you so much

  4. Excellent vid dude, especially love the end part where you sta………

  5. Excellent vid dude, especially love the end part where you sta………

  6. thank you Chapman! So easy to understand in the way you explained it.

  7. Hi, great lesson , thanks. Can you show me how do you make that sound at 0:16

  8. I very much enjoy your digressions. Star dust, Brain, shoulder, elbow, hand and finger. Got it!

  9. Being a violinist, I find that I'm naturally getting my vibrato wrong for a guitar. My instinct is to go along the length of the string rather than perpendicular to it. This is going to need some work…

  10. Aardvark Central

    Soon as I heard Slash, I smashed that mothafuckin like button. Also, I've been doing bends so damn wrong. thanks so much. Now on to Pinch Harmonics

  11. I've been struggling to improve my string bends. This explanation was like an epiphany. Thank you for the demonstration.

  12. Yeah I was wondering how to do vibrato on the top string, I always seem to go of the the neck

  13. Watching this video improved my bended vibrato by about 80%. Its still pretty bad but now I got something to work with! Great explanation, thanks Chappers!

  14. I know how to vibrato just not a very aggressive zakk wylde vibrato

  15. bends i can do somehow but im struggling with vibrato… i cant move my whole palm, instead i'm moving just my finger up and down

  16. Thank god you made a video on this everyone else is so boooooooring

  17. I can not add vibrato while bending upwards HELP

  18. this dude is hilarious

  19. Man, like many peopleĀ here have said, I've been searching for someone to illustrate this well and you nailed it. Immediate game changer. Thank you!

  20. I stopped playing a number of years ago and the one thing that frustrated me was not being able to get vibrato. Looks easy when you do it! At least I know what the correct mechanics are now. Much thanks for this lesson!

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