Best Finger Exercises For Guitar

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Beginner Exercise 1:19
Improver Exercise 4:42
Intermediate Exercise 9:59
Fingerstyle Option 8:58
Joe Satriani Exercise! 11:00

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  1. Sir Best Guitar Under 8500? ….Please Reply

  2. My little finger is crooked.. Does that matter if the bones in my fingers arent straight or am i out of luck lol

  3. Why are u so cool?

  4. man. my fingers are all over the place. cant keep them hovering

  5. I know more than you

  6. I know more than you

  7. My pinky wants to curl into the same position as my third finger. No way I can keep my separated as you have shown. So frustrating!

  8. Thank You, Andy

  9. How to let the 3 finger of the left hand straight? My 3rd finger always bend to the 2nd one and refuses to be straight like the others

  10. ive got flying fingers all over the place

  11. What should we do if our finger hits multiple strings?

  12. Luckyson Charanga

    who else hates their pinky?

  13. Nice tutorial

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