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Hey guys, in this lesson I’ll be showing you a simple way to practice your modes with using arpeggios. Being able to navigate across the fretboard is one the most popular questions I receive. Practicing this exercise on bass guitar is a great melodic way to musically shed and learn this concept. Have fun!

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——- Gear Used in this Video ——-

Camera- Canon Rebel T6i

Gk Plex Preamp

Squier Bass

Bass Strings


Leather strap


“The Hat”

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  1. i appreciate thanks papa

  2. Good teaching thanks a lot..looking forward to learning more.

  3. Thank you Daric Yeah shapes, first time I've tried this actual method Great lesson!

  4. good job brother

  5. Roberto Censorio

    good exercises to learn the Mods

  6. CThomas Studios

    Thank you very much! You make learning the bass so easy and fun. You are a natural teacher and I'm so glad I found your channel.

  7. Wow a dah… moment. Thanks

  8. this was really good ,i'm new to you . i see lot of wisdom , and skill, thanks for sharing !!!

  9. i like the lessons but you forgot the e phrygian mode lol

  10. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise. You seem to really enjoy your music. Keep up the great lessons.

  11. Yo Daric, awesome lessons! What gauge Dunlops are you using.  The highs on that 5 String you play in the video clip within the Slap video are so bright it almost sounds like the C string on a 6!

    Your technique is out of this world…so many styles, tricks and melodic phrasing. I played from Old school funk from 68 – 88 then got into Concert Tour and Personal management, event production etc. Your lessons are giving me a jump start that has reignited my love for bass. My main Bass is a custom made Modulus Quantum 5 String Proto Type with a 24 fret Graphite Composite Neck (the neck is bit thinner than a D shape and plays very fast for a 5er.

    Looking forward to hours of quality bass face time with your phenomenal teaching series!

  12. VoiceOf ReasonAndLogic

    Wooten does that

  13. how do you do a bass solo in a minor key?

  14. Daric , my man I love your videos. I have always been a metal style player but your exercises and lessons just help so much. I have been playing a long time and we can get lazy in our practice techniques but your stuff gets me right back to where i should be.

  15. Love your videos and I want to get into playing bass, do you recommend that Squier for a beginner?

  16. Again, fantastic lesson, thank you Darik.

  17. I have not connected the modes and the arpeggios, until now. Thanks Man…Keep It Up…

  18. Daniel Lowbatin

    5:45 Nice phrasing

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