Beware of Learning Songs Online! | Beginner Guitar Lesson

I wish someone would have taught me this when I was learning guitar! Formatting messes things up online! Checkout this video then go get my songbook at
God bless!
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  1. I've had this exact problem. Tabs or chord sheets show to change chord on a word and it's actually after the word or after a certain syllable.

  2. I print out the lyrics with the chords above them. Then play along to the original and mark the chords in the right locations on my copy.
    Watch out for songs that have been uploaded in a different key than the original. Sometimes finding a song in the original key is difficult.

  3. Hey. Can you do “Beer Can’t Fix” Thomas Rhett?

  4. UpStream Salmon

    !!!! Please explain about the how you always lift you finger then slam it down sounds great but I can never get it down with the rythem and timing!!!!!

  5. Michael Ostrovskiy

    May you please teach Songs in the Kitchen by Lee Brice

  6. Please teach "17 Again" by Brantley Gilbert

  7. Frank Buatamante

    I had a stroke and learning to play the guitar has help me in so many ways and thanks to your lessons you sir have help me also. I’m gonna save money from my disability check and buy your course!!!

  8. This is such good information. Timing not strumming patterns and loosing the pick changed my guitar life. Thanks

  9. Hey matt, can you do dont tell mama by gary Allen. I would really enjoy it and i also have a story that would describe that song

  10. I love your book !!!

  11. Good good info !!! Thank you!!!

  12. I bought it, go buy it!

  13. Thank I'll be watching for this.

  14. Shouldn't you have started the video with "I'm going to be upback with you"..? Cos you're definitely not up front.

  15. Lonnie Christopher

    ….It's a great sense of freedom to get the simplicity of songs……the Pop song "But I Still, Haven't Found, What I'm Lookin' For"…Capo-3 ….3 chords…G, C and D…and you are off to the races with an excellent song…

  16. Billy Danielson

    Hey Matt . Is there a back order on your books? I ordered one in begging of Jan. I haven’t received it

  17. I’ve ran into this problem countless times. It literally kept me from developing any timing or rhythm.

  18. You were the first guy told me "don't worry about strumming patterns worry about the timing" right on

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