Biffy Clyro Folding Stars Acoustic Guitar Lesson 100% Accurate with TAB!

I was asked for a lesson on this and found KosmycTheMusicMan’s version. I have to admit it’s very good, but it’s only about 90% there as the tuning really needs to be Drop-D.

Anyway – my tutorial is based on Biffy’s live version of the song from their Virgin Radio Session which can be found here:

Turn on annotations for TABs.
I claim no rights to the track. Video for educational purposes only.
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  1. Way Off Starboard

    if you tune it to DADGAE it is WAY easier to play ;)

  2. Great Vid Adam ! Just gettin bk in2 Gtar after a LONG break and this shud keep me strummin' for a good while :  ) Cheers

  3.  Great tune that I have never got anywhere near trying to work out for years and this was a very good lesson with handy tabs. Thanks for the video

  4. Another accurate lesson taught very well! Thank you. Is that a TW1000? I have one too with the cutaway

  5. Pretty close…….not quite Carling! ;-)

  6. Ciara Christopherson

    I love this song so much! Thank you for such an accurate version 🙂 Very detailed as well. Keep it up!

  7. Thanks, I try my best, lol. Keep your eyes peeled. Gonna film the 100% accurate acoustic version of 'Opposite' next.

  8. DUDE ! This is PERFECT,Thanks amazingly accurate.

  9. Ah, yeah – pretty sure it's Down up Down, Down up Down, Down Up, Down Up Down Up. Goes in time to the lyrics

    If you Want, Fol-low Me, And I'll, Lead You In-side.
    Down Up Down, Down-Up Down, Down Up, Down Up Down-Up.

    Hope that makes sense.

  10. im pretty new to guitar mate, could u tell me the strumming for the verse please? thanks a lot though, great video

  11. Alec “TheAlec” McGrory


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