Billy Idol – White Wedding – Guitar Lessons – Acoustic Guitar – 80’s Music

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  1. Cool lesson but could you teach us how to play the unplugged version of Rebel yell, that would be pretty cool.

  2. using an acoustic to play/teach this wierd …fail

  3. Billy Idol is cool, but if Sid Vicious hadn't gone nuts and killed himself I think Idol would have been in his shadow as Sid could definitely have been promoted as a punk solo artist and adapted into the 1980s, he had the cooler image and was already famous. Idol nicked his image, especially the sneering lip!

  4. A Voice Of Your Own

    You are the man! Your shirt rules.. .. You have showed us all kind of jams

  5. Keep on Rockin', Marty!!
    You're a Great Teacher!!!
    You take out the frustration that comes with learning cool songs to play!

  6. Thanks Marty, my favorite Billy Idol and song

  7. Could I give to you a sugestion?

    Dancing with my self

  8. Marty does the best lyrical improvising

  9. that was fun m/

  10. haha great lyrics

  11. thanks for posting your are awesome

  12. b minor SHOTGUN 😀 😀

  13. don't work on electric

  14. Marty – Nice job giving some props to BFI and Steve Stevens!! Well Done!

  15. So helpful on bar codes thank u

  16. best ive seen basic but easy to follow and want more

  17. ConsoleModdingEntertainment

    Its soo hard to doo 🙁 Cant play anything man!

  18. legend man thanks!!

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