Billy Sheehan Basic Bass lesson

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  1. I bought a bass TODAY… this video is so helpful 🙂 Thank You!

  2. Markus de la Noche

    Very informative video…and it's kind of like hanging out with a good friend, who just happens to be Billy Sheehan!

  3. David Allan Perrin

    Informative presentation thank you for sharing

  4. should of been 3 minutes ego maniac

  5. TheKillerRabbitOfCaerbannog

    Great lesson, but tbh the 4th finger thingy…. thats pretty much no use, well at least for me,i do with 3 fingers the same rythmic. To each their own as never been more truer than in music :)

  6. You make it look so easy

  7. i am a fan great bassist

  8. He's great. I have to mention the snapping sound he makes with his tongue and roof of his mouth. He uses it like others use punctuation. It is kind of funny after you pick it up. It's just a mannerism, nothing bad.

  9. I've been jacking around with guitar off and on for 10 years. I went and bought a cheapo bass at a pawn shop to add some bass tones to the songs I want to write. I'll tell you what, LOVE this thing. My virgin bass fingers have blisters but that's ok:)

  10. I personally want to thank you for the basic learning I'm teaching myself and I've got about 20 hours on YouTube and you're the only one who got down to the basics first thank you

  11. I didn't pay attention to the fly 1:03:55

  12. I've never seen anyone explain root notes and keys in a way I can understand it.

  13. bravo maestro…bravissimo…very didactic…

  14. How about some tabs for this. That would a lot of beginners. Thanks

  15. Billy , You make learning to play easy and very desireable . You are what teaching is all about. You have been very helpful and now the fun begins . Going to practice now . the captain.

  16. You are not only an incredible bassist, which you know, but you are an exemplary instructor, particularly for this medium.  I've learned more from you than I could have in a years worth of lessons.   And on YouTube, I have you to myself!   That's funny……

  17. kaven polk (white dragon gamer)

    Good teaching, but the camera man is not good! Because he does not know how to angle the camera so we can see the the fingering.

  18. first left hand exercice, he play way to fuc…. fast!!!! ok youre good, i dont care!!!!!!

  19. excellent lesson, the basics always get overlooked.. leads to bad habits. seems like everyone on youtube is like " ok, you bought your first guitar and are you cant get all the notes in eruption.."

  20. 6:437:07 could be a good advice to relationships

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