Black Crowes She Talks To Angels Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you an acoustic guitar lesson for She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes. I’ll start off by going over the Open E tuning used for the song, then break down the guitar riffs, chords and strumming patterns!

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic, FREE courses at my site too!

  2. Incredible song.

  3. Hey Marty, thank you for the she talks to angels guitar tutorial. One of my favorite black crowes songs!

  4. Can you do a tutorial for Listen to the Radio by Don Williams please!

  5. Handlebar Workshops

    That sounded so pretty on that guitar. Please do The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. Another open tuning song that would sound wonderful on that guitar.

    Thanks for the lesson.

  6. What strings do you use in your acoustic?

  7. Do you think you could do a tutorial of Fleetwood Mac's "Never going back again"? Would greatly appreciate it! Keep making great content!

  8. Yeah I’m gonna be gentle on the ol guitar and not tune to that lol

  9. Can we get a tutorial for 'Intro' by The xx please Marty? Great vid!

  10. Bro please “quicksand” of Bowie acoustic, please please lol

  11. Another Awesome Lesson by Marty, thanks buddy… Sorry I missed the NYC gig. I had that long commute from "the Bronx" !
    See you next Event !!!

  12. Can you please make more videos where you show some new bands and songs? Vor example Rise Against or Sum 41. This would be very nice

  13. Hey Marty how bout a Tim Buckley song

  14. Comment # 2: I can't stop playing this song! Easy to play and makes my $100.00 Ovation sound like a million dollars. I'm, "Blown Away"; no lie, no exaggeration. Thanks for making my day a lot brighter; it's raining now and as opposed to the "rain coming down on a sunny day…", I'm seeing sunshine on a rainy day". Found the old lesson; thanks for doing it again. What a beautiful song!

  15. Gaming With Jayeee

    Marty Can You Make a Video How to Play Heel The World By Michael Jackson Lesson Would Be Nice

  16. Hey Marty, could you please do Damien Rice’s “Cannonball?”

  17. This is the first song I learned on guitar. And you taught me this song back on the OG channel. You are seriously underrated. I think every new guitarist that grew up with YouTube has learned their first song from one of your countless lessons. Thank you for showing me how to play music!

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