Black Gives Way To Blue – Alice In Chains – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Beginners Song Tutorial

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‘Black Gives Way To Blue’ Alice In Chains – Extra Easy Beginners Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Free Online Song Tutorial

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Cheers, Andy

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  1. garrison0532082

    "Just use a rubber band and a pencil"
    Wouldn't do that on a Wal-Mart guitar. Also it's kind of sad that you A)don't know the lyrics B) don't know the story behind the song

  2. Whats the name of that guitar? It sounds awesome.

  3. Laine Ream Cistulli

    So you don’t say what tuning it’s in. It’s a half step down btw

  4. Amazing song…makes me sad everytime I hear it and I think of Layne. RIP buddy!

  5. thank you 🙂

  6. Hi it's good

  7. He's using a capo on the 1st fret because…..the actual song is played tuned down 1/2 step.  By using the capo on the 1st fret with a C Major chord (It's actually a C#Major….but it's C Major fingering…but anyway…), it means you don't have to tell a beginner to tune down to play along to the CD.  If you watch Jerry play it, you'll see he's actually using finger combinations that are WAY too advanced for a beginning guitar student.

  8. thank you sooooo damn much!!!

  9. Learning Guitar

    It was a great help to see instruction right from the very basics even to the setting of the capo. So much is assumed by some video training and the beginner misses some simple mechanical and finger placement moves that sets them on a wrong track

  10. John Duvernell

    awesome job on the training video! This song is really due more notoriety. Great song.

  11. Thank you THANK THANK YOU. I really really love this song so much. I just started to play the guitar 3 months ago and I was looking for a song I ove that's easy enough for me to strum and sing along to and this might be it. I LOVE YOU MAN

  12. Fullmoon Madness

    lol you can play lots of songs with or without a cappo. just its harder without 1 😛

  13. Buddy that's not right! Jerry does not play w a capo! Explain?

  14. THis isn't how jerry plays it live

  15. Brandonbuddy4321

    Thanks man good job your a really good teacher

  16. hei i would like your help i have to requested songs that i would love to learnd on tabs and chors or mix both together hope you can help me
    Don't Catch Me by Katie Hodges
    A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
    thank you

  17. i LOVE U!! im a beginner and hardcore fan of AIC ,,/

  18. Nail Guitar - Song Lessons

    @iboughtit Link for details on all the gear I use in the description. A~

  19. What kind of acoustic is that it sounds really good. Is it the brand that the guys from Killswitch used to use?

  20. I love you….I can only play guitar by copying others….never paid attention at school in lessons haha thanks coz this song rules xxxxxxxx

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