Black Keys – Lonely Boy – Blues Rock Guitar Lessons – How to Play on Guitar – Tutorial

Black Keys - Lonely Boy - Blues Rock Guitar Lessons - How to Play on Guitar - Tutorial

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. y'know that sound? that REAL electric sound that sounds like it'll give you a headache but it doesn't? if you like that sound try electric guitar if not stick to acoustic
    (the sound: 5:44, 5:49)

  2. Use whammy bar for the begining.

  3. Another option to fake the sound is to hit the open E string and slide your hand on the bridge (toward the strings) into a partial palm mute.

  4. so generous to be sharing your talent.

  5. What a great intro on that song … almost as great as the video clip 😛 thanx Marty for this tutorial

  6. Anytime i look up how to play something its always marty

  7. What are those ?

  8. Ha ! Love that you compared this to "Peter Gunn" !!!

  9. Love the worn out spot on the neck between the first and 2nd fret LOL

  10. I didn't understand how to do the intro, now i got it, whammy pedal, thank you.

  11. Whats the strumming pattern

  12. For the intro I use a Boss Harmonist pedal which sounds great

  13. Hey, can someone help me with the strumming pattern at the E, G and A chord part? It'd be greatly appreciated!

  14. Thanks a ton Marty!

  15. RIff is not same, close but not really what he plays in song.

  16. what are those 2:00

  17. For the high strum parts on the B and high-E strings (during the verses, the secondary guitar part) what hand do you use to mute those? Pick hand or strum hand? Those strings ring out for me all the time and can't seem to mute (or stop) them effectively with either hand

  18. just fucking play it man

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