Black Magic Woman Guitar Lesson Part 1 – Santana – Marty Schwartz Guitar Lesson

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Hey Guys! Marty Schwartz here again with my project “MartyMusic!” By Special request is the intro to “Black Magic Woman” by Santana! Great bluesy stuff but with some extra modal flavor of the Aeolian mode! Once again thanks for supporting my thing right here with “MartyMusic”

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  1. Thanks for supporting my new project right here at "MartyMusic!" What Santana would you like next?

  2. Where is Part 2

  3. fleetwood macs original is so much better

  4. Marty you is awesome ,are you taking students, id love to learn This

  5. Rusty Williams

    Hey, Marty, give it a closer listen. Carlos doesn't use finger tremolo.


  7. Im an Acoustic player and now switched to electric. Found Marty and my fingers are hard as stone after a month

  8. Best best lesson on YouTube on black magic woman

  9. Hey Marty where's part 2? I need to learn that middle solo, Help!

  10. Legendary Gaming

    Marty can u do maria maria by santana

  11. Fuck me this is hard

  12. Marty I've been wandering does your wife get mad when you play guitar so loud lol

  13. Love the video, when will you do part 2?

  14. Im sorry but im pretty high while trying to learn this and at 2:42 when he hits that note and does that hand movement it kills me everytimeeee and i keep making that same noise and cracking up. Marty do you also have singing classes? Im joking i love you thank you for literally making a tutorial and pretty much every song in the world you are literally the world of guitarist teacher everyone i know has a guitar knows you hahaha. Im not joking about the high part though

  15. chris st. clair

    think im gonna call it on that 15 high E bend, dont wanna join the "i broke my string" group lol! amazing song tho! love the lessons!

  16. This is really good, but it's still hard to follow when you're jumping around to different parts all the time. Can you make some tab for us?

  17. Pt2 please marty

  18. How do you play g minor and d minor

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