Black or White Guitar Lesson – Michael Jackson

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In this Black or White guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the guitar parts for this smash hit by Michael Jackson.

“Black or White” is dominated by a guitar riff played by Jackson’s co-writer, Bill Bottrell. That riff is often incorrectly attributed to Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. Slash’s guitar playing is actually heard in the skit that precedes the album version of the song.

That guitar riff is instantly recognizable and is built around some simple triads. I have added the bass line to this riff just in case you would like to incorporate it into your playing of the song. But I will show you a couple of different ways as well in order to find one you like.

The chorus and pre-chorus are very simple since they only contain sparse major and power chords.

The bridge section is really fun to play when the guitar enters. It is still a rather simple riff, but it does move around quite a bit. You even get to play the ol’ Hendrix chord, which is a E7#9. 🙂

After that I will demonstrate how to play the funky little breakdown section underneath the rap. That section contains some higher voiced chords, but it is the rhythm that is the most essential thing here.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic by the late great Michael Jackson! #blackorwhiteguitarlesson #michaeljackson #guitarcovers

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  1. Amazing !!!

  2. top

  3. Are u able to do this version on acustic guitar
    Can u please do human nature by michael jackson

  4. could u plz do 'whatever happen'-michael jackson. lead-whole song

  5. Can you figure out the really fast keyboard/synth lick?

  6. Can u do Hollywood vampires?

  7. Please. Can u play and show us how to play Sting Shape of my heart? Thanks!

  8. are you using overdrive as your main sound?

  9. A tutorial for Dirty Diana would be fantastic

  10. A tutorial for Dirty Diana would be fantastic

  11. Completely agree with Rocco Mahan below. You correctly nailed the C#-B-A-B transition during the riff, which most copy players almost always miss (even Tim Pierce in his teaching video on Black or White missed it, and he actually recorded the metal lead solo in the original song). What isn't mentioned in this video is that the third chord is a Dadd9 (with its A fifth note sounding), NOT an Esus2 as most guitarist incorrectly play (with a B fifth note sounding. Thus, Pierce plays C#-B-B-B, which sounds OK, but its clearly not perfect. In this video, it is played PERFECTLY….thank you dude!
    Big Ears Hardy

  12. People get the main riff wrong all the time, glad you got Bill Bottrell's part right. If you miss the C#-B-A-B undertone it doesn't sound right. But you nailed it.

  13. sofiacookies ramirez

    jsjdjxkdkdkf OMG YESS

  14. MrSmoothcriminal88

    Great tutorial! But what pedals are you sing for the distinct sound?

  15. wouuuu,,amazed you are the best cover

  16. My Piano Favourites

    Hi Guitar Lessons

    What Guitar PEDAL Combinations are you using??????

    I launching a search for the …Overdrive and Dstortion…. RIFF variables etc.. for Black and White.

    I would be fantastic if you could

    Posted on Thursday 29th September 2016

  17. wow!! thanks a lot, I asked for that!!

  18. Can you do That Doggie in the Window by Patty Page????

  19. Please please please do a tutorial and performance video on give in to me by Michael jackson featuring slash
    I need it for a show in September thnx

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