Black Sabbath Guitar Lesson – Electric Funeral – E Standard Tuning

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Gear Used for this lesson:
1965 Gibson SG Special –
1969 Laney LBO-60 Supergroup –
Fuzzlord Effects Riff Master OC44 –
Dunlop Crybaby Wah –
Two Notes Torpedo Captor –

E Standard Tuning: E-A-D-G-B-E
Strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-46 –


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In this doom metal guitar lesson I teach you the entire rhythm and lead sections from Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath. The song is broken down into its main riffs, each demonstrated and explained in full detail.

The song begins with the classic wah pedal intro riff in the key of E Minor and utilizes the E Natural Minor Scale {R, M2, b3, p4, p5, b6, b7}. The remainder of the song’s riffs utilize elements from the E Blues Scale {R, b3, p4, b5, p5, b7} along with a M7 interval during the third riff.

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  2. Gabriel Alvarado Matuk Ferreira

    Congrats for the Channel, awesome lessons. Could you do plannets collide by crowbar? Keep dooming!

  3. CrippledWizard69

    Another awesome video dude.
    And the first Sabbath riff/song I learnt to properly play was Electric Funeral, and still love playing it to this day.

    Also please can you do a tutorial for Pentagram – Sign of the Wolf.

  4. The first sabbath riff/song I learned was paranoid

  5. Black Sabbath was my first riff by Black Sabbath. Also, I need that Crowbar shirt

  6. cheers for the lesson and the advice the other week on fb, good stuff!

  7. The first Sabbath riff I ever learned was NIB but my first son i played through was Into the Void

  8. this is actually the first sabbath song i ever learned. great tutorial btw!

  9. The first full Sabbath tune I learned was Snowblind. Iommi is god.

  10. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    Well… I don't remember if the first riff was Iron Man or Paranoid, but the most important to me, which marked me by the whole life, is one of the best 80's riff: Headless Cross (my first Sabbath riff on guitar);)

  11. I started in bass (and it's still my main instrument) but mess around with a guitar every once in a while. Iron man was first riff on bass, NIB first song and Planet Caravan on guitar, which is actually my favorite song by them, despite not being like the others. I love stoner and jazz and it has both those vibes

  12. I think sweet leaf was the first sabbath riff I learned. Still love playing their material to this day

  13. My first Sabbath riff was Iron Man, the first riff I ever learned actually…

  14. Bernardo Giles Nuñez

    I pla bass, I think my first Sabbath riff ever was Iron man but my first song was this one! Love Electric Funeral!!!

  15. First riffs were Paranoid, fairly obviously. Probably first song as well.

  16. Amazing tone!

  17. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath has the heaviest riff ever.

  18. Full Circle Jiu Jitsu

    Yes kids. Sabbath is in standard tuning. Thanks for this video.

  19. Cromwell-reverend bizarre pleaaaase
    Witching altar -if tou like Bro

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