Black Sabbath Guitar Lesson “Paranoid” electric

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Black Sabbath Guitar Lesson “Paranoid” electric
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  1. Could you teach "Good Golly Miss Molly" by CCR?

  2. RebelWithACause 86

    Thanks, I been wandering how to play this.

  3. Can you please teach black dog

  4. By far the easiest guy to learn from

  5. paranoid Solo please!!

  6. Bonus?? Missed that bit Marty??

  7. Can you do the solo part?

  8. Ninja Dog (NinjaDog145)

    what is the bonus don't leave us hanging! ;(

  9. Just hammer the opening it's a whole lot easier :)

  10. do a lesson on the guitar solo!!

  11. no it standrd tunning 

  12. Вероника Андреева

    YES!!!ME TO

  13. Is this in drop d?

  14. can you teach the solo marty PLEASE!

  15. Do children of the grave my dad and I want to learn it

  16. On the whole 12-14 12-14 sequence he doesn't pick on the 14th fret. He does hammer ons. 

  17. marty schwartz.. thanks a lot

  18. Thanks Man!

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