Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell Guitar Lesson

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Guitar Lesson

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In this Heaven and Hell guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Black Sabbath classic in it’s entirety.

The tuning is Eb tuning. That is, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

Tony Iommi plays some classic riffs in this one. The main riff that starts the song uses basic power chords, but is instantly recognizable.

The verse section doesn’t really contain any guitar but it comes back in during the pre-chorus and chorus sections with a really cool single-note riff that is used quite a bit in the song.

The 2nd chorus is where things really start to take off for Tony with a short solo that leads to the bridge section. The bridge section contains some interesting chords that I will explain in detail.

After the bridge we are back to that single note riff again before Tony launches into his first solo. I will cover this solo note for note. There are lot of classic Iommi techniques in this one.

When then get to the outro section which uses basic chords, however they are arranged in a rather unorthodox way at first. The outro solo is also over this chord progression. This solo uses mostly E minor pentatonic (Really Eb minor because of the tuning), and E natural minor scales. I don’t go through this one note-for-note though.

Then we get to that really cool acoustic outro section. I will demonstrate the arpeggio part note-for-note then detail the seven notes that are used for the improvisation over it.

Have fun with this classic! #heavenandhellguitarlesson #blacksabbath #tonyiommi

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  1. Stephen Forristal

    Thanks Carl don't know how you do it. Could you do reckless life by guns n roses and im not awake yet by Rory Gallagher down the line sometime?

  2. Avishek Basu Roy

    Please do Lost For Words by Pink Floyd

  3. I remember buying this album back in the early 80s
    Ozzy was kicking some serious ass with Randy Rhodes
    So when Dio joined Sabbath it was a win win for all of us
    Great song choice as usual!
    I wonder what a Dio/Rhodes team could have produced
    Might have been magic

  4. Call me the Breeze by Skynyrd next

  5. fuck , this is a good one.
    You should do some Accept some day .

  6. Surrender by Rainbow ?

  7. Hi Carl, thanks for another great lesson! Die Young would be nice, too.
    Stay safe!

  8. This and children of the sea are my favourite sabbath songs from heaven and hell

  9. MrRabidchipmunk69 banana

    Duuuuuude you are so fucking awesome! I've been asking for this for the last couple of weeks and you finally did it. You've been absolutely killing it with these awesome lessons!

  10. You should do something that Randy Rhoads played. He is an amazing and under rated guitarist. I have been listening to Believer from the tribute album lately. It is a masterpiece. Randy throws in fills, trills, harmonics, and some techniques I have no name for when he plays live. Please consider.

  11. You should do Touch of Evil by Judas Priest!!

  12. I wanted Dyers Eve but this will do!

  13. You have been predicting exactly what I want to learn… like… it’s scary man.

  14. Neon knights please. It's my favourite song by black sabbath

  15. Great choice. I got 90% just need to tidy up a couple riffs.

  16. Thank you so much for this one. There's some videos on how to play this one but we all needed a Carl Brown version! Thank you so much!

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