Black Sabbath "War Pigs" Guitar Lesson Part 1 (Intro, Verse, Chorus)

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Hey guys Marty here, thanks so much for supporting the only thing I do now, “MartyMusic”! You asked, now you shall receive a 3 part lesson for Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” which is one of my favorite songs actually! I hope you enjoy learning all the licks and riffs!

Be well and see you soon!
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  1. Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic" Tons of free courses at

  2. Marty is the only online teacher who doesn't just show off their talent then quickly shows you what he just did. Marty wants you to be as good as him! Keep up the good work and vids Marty!

  3. Marty Thanks bro!! This is one of the best tutorials on this song I have found. You are doing excellent work. Thanks!!

  4. carri rcarriwill

    what a hard song

  5. I don't get counting to six if coming in on the 2nd 4.

  6. Traveler of Time and Space

    Dude m/

  7. Jacob Gutierrez

    We need N.I.B next!

  8. YO, Uncle Marty pleasseeeeee give me a Black Sabbath N.I.B lesson

  9. Your channels are awesome Marty and I see we both have great taste in amps lol.

  10. You are an absolute legend. I began playing guits ten years ago where i could just about play a note. I never paid for lessons because you were my teacher. I'd love to play with you someday over any other musician. Holla if you down bro.

  11. Great stuff! Here’s Toni Iommi showing how he plays this intro.

  12. Good job… !

  13. Celso Ferrarini

    Excuse me, but is it necessary to make the power chords on E12A14/E10A12 since you are already playing on A7D9/A5D7 that are the same notes? you can also make the B8 vibrato with the middle finger while in the power chord and G7G9 trill, that come more handy… Excelent channel. Enjoy so much!

  14. Marty thanks brother, your a good man..

  15. This is one of my favorite songs!!! Thank you!!

  16. da boo ba boo kaka… LMFAO…

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