Blind Melon – No Rain – Guitar Lesson – How to play the Acoustic and Electric guitar parts

Blind Melon - No Rain - Guitar Lesson - How to play the Acoustic and Electric guitar parts

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  1. on solos you should add a tab bar on top..That would help a bobby crisp channel..thanks bro you have helped me a lot over the lat couple years..

  2. I love love love love love love Blind melon! RIP Shannon!

  3. Havent watched full video yet do you do the solo?

  4. solo in e what key  is the mixolydian part    great lesson………

  5. Your guitar sounds great! What brand is it?

  6. what brand is this amplifier?

  7. I got this so fast because of you man! Thank you! Great teaching once again!

  8. love the song been searching for it during my childhood life

  9. Blind Melon really were some of the greatest musicians to grace the planet in the 90's. Their music is timeless.

  10. If you wanna get really fancy when you get back to E, toss in an E7(I think that's what it is) For anyone who wants to know in detail. Same E major chord, remove your ring finger and replace it. When you hear the dun duna dun part before it starts over. I'm certain it's an E7 now he did just mention it. But not in the same part I'm describing. Listen to the song and you should hear what I'm trying to describe.

  11. Hey Marty, Can you please do a lesson on River Of Deciet by Mad Season, I know there's a few lessons on youtube, but i dont like anyone elses lessons but yours, i look to you for everything i learn, much love.
    -Lee Lewis

  12. You rock man!

  13. Nice

  14. Marty please do more blind melon they are an amazingly underrated band!!!!! You helped me leArn this song wooohoo

  15. great song!!! very good marty!!!! congrats!!!!


  17. what he was doing at 6:30 was nuts

  18. lol awsome :)

  19. Ooopps I was on a roll too…this guy here^^

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