Blink 182 Adam's Song Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

I took my time, I hurried up, to make a lesson for Adam’s Song. Today I’m bringing you this electric guitar lesson for this Blink 182 song! I’ll teach you how to play the riffs and power chords played throughout the song. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for watching, I have free lesson courses at my site

  2. Please do Live Wire solo by AC/DC

  3. Classic song love this

  4. Hey! Could you please do Bottle of a Bottle by Smile Empty Soul

  5. You should do Zoom by Last Dinosaurs!!

  6. For your next song you have to show us a tutorial for bad wolves version of zombie plus the solo too please

  7. Mateusz Czarnomski

    Hey Marty, thank you for this tutorial and also for Dammit, you did recently, great songs, well explained. I would be most grateful for the tutorial of Summer of love by U2 – that sweet riff blow my mind. Cheers!

  8. Hey marty loving the content as of late, could you put a long way from home by srv in the queue for upcoming videos? Thanks GOAT

  9. Do ahead by a century

  10. Oscar Villarreal Chaccourt

    your mic was peaking at 6:52

  11. There is this guy at work who I talk to about learning how to play guitar and he just picked up a guitar himself. I told him about Marty's channel and he already knew about it and tries to learn from it. Marty makes it easy and you actually learn something and not just memorize where your fingers go. I think that was my mistake before was I only memorized, I didnt know the mistakes I was making.

  12. Tom delonge is a crazy underrated guitarist and blink will never be blink without him.

  13. Hey Marty, could you do a guitar and slide guitar lesson on George Harrison’s stuck inside a cloud.

  14. Devhiin Nantha kumar

    Can u please do all u need is love fingerstyle

  15. can you play the guitar and sing so i can understand more?

  16. Евгений Задорожный

    Finally theres at least one tutorial existing on youtube with my fav song of the glorious band , thx :3

  17. Yesss was so happy to see this, would love to see more blink tutorials ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Do you think you could to a tutorial on the song word up by gun? I use your videos to help me play guitar and they are extraordinary but word up is a song I'd love to do

  19. Could you do some kiss songs maybe?!?!

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