Bluegrass Bass Lessons – Basslines for Bluegrass – Quick start

In this lesson on Bluegrass Bass we will study the basic elements of playing bluegrass and what the role of the Bluegrass bass player is in the ensemble. This quick start lesson will give you a strong foundation in playing basslines and runs in Bluegrass music.

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  1. Very helpful thank u!

  2. Good video! This video is pretty accurate regarding the bass in bluegrass music. Similar in folk music as well. If you really want to fit in it seems like you need to play an upright bass (aka bass violin). Whenever I play an electric bass I get stink eye from some of the other players. Kind of sad because electric bass can sound just fine.

  3. Great lesson but it would be helpful if I could hear the bass notes being played so I could use my ears to assist my learning as I am tending to have to look at my bass simultaneously while trying listen to follow along with the lesson.
    Dan P.

  4. Thank you

  5. thanxxxx!!!!

  6. Steven Bridgewater

    1 4 and 5 are the most used chord in bluegrass. 1415

  7. Thanks for this valuable lesson.

  8. Thanks for the lesson. I appreciate the multiple camera angles also.

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