Bluegrass Guitar Lesson – Solo Composition (No Accompaniment) – EP172

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If you’ve ever wanted to play a bluegrass style strum pattern on acoustic guitar, this would be a great lesson for you, no matter where you are on the guitar.

In this bluegrass guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a solo bluegrass composition on acoustic guitar. I’ll explain all of the strum patterns and break it down note for note.


  1. Thanks for all you do Brian I have learned a lot from you

  2. This guy is a pretty good teacher, I feel like he should have more subs.

  3. Nobody got a bit of Bobby McGee out of that?

  4. I hear Me & Bobby McGee.

  5. You know some people are saying Brian talks too much but I like it because he's teaching begginers to learn new stuff and for intermediate guitar players (I don't know for advanced) while he's talking you can play and in the end of video you know how to play it. That's only my thought

  6. Tim Pierce recommended your channel. Looks great.

  7. isn't that the song from Deliverance, right after "Dueling Banjoes" but before they made Ned Beaty squeal like a pig?….:)

  8. You ever record an album?

  9. beautiful , tanks brian i like this numbers

  10. You had some Wildwood flower notes in there …..

  11. Артем Салимгареев

    Thank you man =)

  12. Awesome lesson…the first part of that melody is really similar in relation to the Mumford and Sons version of "The Boxer" where the slide guitar solo comes in. You could probably play a slight variation of what you taught in that solo section with the track behind. Cool stuff, keep the lessons coming :)

  13. Nice blue grass into. Your breakdown and demos are great! Another Friday!

  14. Brian rocks. His lessons are spot on and you progress when you take his lessons without even realizing it.

  15. Sounds almost like Wildwood Flower,eh, Brian??

  16. I have a question. It's not a complaint because I love the channel. Who is your audience? You do a lot rag time or bluegrass type of lessons. But does your audience like that music? I don't, I'm more rock and blues based but I love your playing. And love your teaching. With your style you always come up with awesome rock / blues riffs. But then again it's what you like. Please don't flame me. Just asking. Maybe the issue is me, maybe I need to open up to more styles. That's probably more accurate. Thanks for the effort to make videos

  17. Nice lesson. That is a nice guitar.

  18. Nice video !

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