Blues Acoustic Guitar Lesson: Eric Bibb, Don’t let nobody drag your spirit down

This is a lesson on the Acoustic Blues song by Eric Bibb, Don’t let nobody drag your spirit down. No PDF or Tab but I think there is not much of a need for one here.


  1. thank you,nice

  2. so is it drop D tunning?

  3. For me, someone who has never taken a lesson, this music language I find extremely difficult to fathom. Yes I need to stop procrastinating but music "notes" and string "notes" are confusing.

  4. Thank you for sharing……luv that song`

  5. Very much appreciated …Thank you

  6. i want jesus to walk with me lesson

  7. Thank you so much. I watched a tutorial by Bibb himself and couldn't follow it at all. You make it really clear. You break it down nicely. Keep up the good work. You're a great teacher.

  8. Love the way you break it down.Thank you!!

  9. Nice thank you
    Please do a tutorial of eric bibb – we dont care.
    Very much appreciated

  10. Great lesson!  Please think about doing a few more Eric Bibb tunes.  Much appreciated.

  11. How nice. Great sound and picking. I will learn this one.

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