Blues Boogie Woogie Composition that you can play by yourself on guitar – Blues Guitar Lesson EP284

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a really fun blues boogie woogie style rhythm (and lead) composition that doesn’t require a jam track, works on electric or acoustic guitar.

To view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this guitar lesson, visit


  1. Hey buddy. Im a big fan of you and your lessons. Unfortunately cant afford the membership this year. But will be back again soon. Love your lessons. U r one of the best here. And the efoort you put is just amazing. You must be a very hard working chap. See you again soon

  2. Great lesson Brian. Very fun to play!

  3. Great lesson and great devil's sound !!!!!

  4. slow down

  5. You should have 10 million subscribers.

  6. Great picking Brian. What is that cool electric guitar your playin? (I've just become a Premium member of your excellent lessons)

  7. Man ole Man that's GOOD stuff!!!

  8. Ludomir Steinbrück

    Dude, I get the impression, that you get better every week as well

  9. Hell Yeah!!!!!

  10. Sweet guitar what kind is it

  11. What guitar is that?

  12. Андрей Невоград

    Спасибо , Брайн , замечательно !!!

  13. I hear SRV licks in there.

  14. I get so bogged down with thoughts of I don't know anything bout guitar theory, and it just henders me from just playing! Lol idk its hard to explain

  15. Yeah he is very blessed, I love his stuff, wish I could learn more bout y the cords go together

  16. I see active melody and I upvote

  17. What's that guitar? It reminds me of my Benedetto Andy. Is it short scale?

  18. very boogie woogie fun happy party lesson

  19. Cool thanks for the lesson

  20. Love the B&G guitar!

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