BLUES BOSSA – GUITAR LESSON – Easy Chord Melody Guitar Tutorial

Note for Note GUITAR LESSON on BLUE BOSSA. Play the guitar chords & the melody simultaniously. + TABS + Backing Track!
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In this guitar tutorial I’ll teach you how to play Blue Bossa on guitar. I’ll teach you the Blue Bossa guitar chords and we’ll also play the melody at the same time. This song is very convienient to play in chord melody style. I made an Blue Bossa easy guitar lesson, so it’s also appropriate for jazz beginners. But you should be able to change chords quickly.

Blue Bossa is one of the most known latin jazz standards. It was written by Kenny Dorham and performed by a plethora of great jazz artists.

Blue Bossa features a beautiful melody and great minor jazz chords. My Blue Bossa guitar tutorial will teach you all about the chords.

I’ll show everything slowly and very detailed. As a matter of fact, this is a note for note guitar lesson on the Blue Bossa jazz standard.

As always I’ve made Blue Bossa guitar tabs and Backing Tracks. You can download those from one of the above links.

This is a jazz guitar lesson you definetly need, since it’s amust know standard for every jazz session.

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  1. Can we get the backing track ?

  2. Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe

    Olá, Sandra! Vamos a aulas de guitarra com Toninho Horta? Músico refinadíssimo, ok? Obrigado.Hello Sandra! Let's go to guitar lessons with Toninho Horta? Refined musician, okay? Thank you.

  3. You are awesome Sandra. I love your style of teaching and your excellent guitar playing. Dig your Howard Roberts too! Thanks, Jerry USA-PA

  4. Very cool arrangment. I'm sure Kenny Dorham would have appoved. ☺ Really dig the new glasses. They make you look like the intellectual, which you are.

  5. Oh Jesus, you're killing me! I havent even finished Tenor Madness 🙂

  6. That is a short one! Ordering it right now…love bossa style!

  7. nice song, nice lesson. I worship your easy arrangements. obrigado

  8. It seems so easy in your lesson. So I will try hard to play it as easy as it look like. 😉 Thx for this!

  9. Andis Galaxysvieractive


  10. I just loooove this song! As soon as I'll be home from work, I'm gonna start leaning this tune.

  11. Einer meiner Lieblingssong!!! Danke!!!

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