Blues Guitar – How to Play The Chord Changes in the blues – Blues Guitar Lesson – EP298

In this week’s blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a solo blues composition that requires no accompaniment. By playing the chord changes and outlining the notes of the chords you’re able to play lead with no chords underneath.

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  1. Yang guohua Patrick

    Hi Brian, I'm try to catch up with this lesson very hard. I think this is a very good intro for me to get into the free play on my guitar.. I understand that chord B C# F# E was in this song, but was confused with the progression for the whole flow. could you send a basic chord progresion for this part I? ….. I'm considering become a premium member if I can catch up 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I believe Herman's Hermits used that bass run up you did in the song Ms Brown You've got a lovely Daughter.

  3. You is bery good im korean ! I see good lessen

  4. Is your 5th actually a F#7#9?

  5. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    Not sure if you mean to have a Charlie Christian flavor to your playing but it really reminds me of his feel and tone. Good job.

  6. Hey Brian, I love your lessons, but I where do I start? I can tell that each lesson circles back to key concepts for an intermediate. But do I jump into flow and just go with it every week for a year, or is there a starting point ? I am a loyal premium member and I love your approach and more importantly, your taste in music. I bet you have answered this question before, but I ask anyway. Thanks!

  7. Quality lessons from this Man !!! Thanks for the great lessons ! So what's the difference between major blues scale and major scale ?

  8. i think that my strings are in reverse or something like can someone help me??

  9. Great lesson and I've been meaning to comment on this guitar. I've never heard of that brand. But it is really nice looking and I love the tone…

  10. Great tone and playing Bryan…!

  11. Was just recently thinking about how it would be cool to have you do a lesson that incorporates passing notes and more chromatic licks, an area I need improvement in.. This exceeded my expectations and having it be a jazzy blues is icing on the cake. Awesome lesson, Brian!

  12. What kind of pickup is in that guitar?

  13. This is an excellent lesson. Thanks

  14. Just love how he explains the thought procress brhind what he is doing. I find that intriguing and very helpful.

  15. Could u teach us sight reading??? Please

  16. I Am The Aether


  17. Unreal as usual Brian. I am in awe.

  18. New guitar, Brian? Like the one pickup at the neck. Good tone coming out of it. Oh, nice lesson also.

  19. this is a great introduction to jump blues.

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