Blues Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Chord Embellishment for Blues, Rock, and Folk

Blues Guitar Lesson - Acoustic Chord Embellishment for Blues, Rock, and Folk

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  1. Been watching you for years dude. I always come back for hints and tips.
    You're a great teacher – genuinely. And you clearly love music. Thank you.

  2. What happened to martys Guns n roses guitar lessons???

  3. Marty I would appreciate I’ve you could do a Breaking Benjamin-Red Cold River tutorial because I cannot seem to find any.

  4. What guitar is that?

  5. Thx heaps champ….really thx
    I love the land of A7…gonna buy me some

  6. A nice acoustic one I'd like to learn. I've Just Seen A Face by The Beatles. 🙂

  7. This is great. 🙂 Does it involve palm muting though?

  8. Can you do hammer to fall by queen?

  9. B A R T. S I M P S O N.

    can you do a lesson of five to one by the doors

  10. Can you make a vedio how to play love of my life?

  11. Anuerysm on Monday? Please

  12. I know you got a massive list of request. Wondering if you could do bob dylan – don't think twice its alright.. Good friend passed, was her favorite. I have to learn it, and your the guru. Thanks man – James Adams

  13. do muse- pressure

  14. can u teach us how to play Talk on the Street by GVF?

  15. Hey Marty I'm trying to learn this song called Guitar El Chark by Omar Khorshid , give it a lesson and see if you're interested

  16. You should do toxicity by a system of a down

  17. Hey dont suppose you could do a lesson for sixx a.m , x-mas in hell its a beautiful wee tune and there doesn't seem to be any lessons on it

  18. Vilhjálmur Kjaðsson

    Finish Texas Flood for us!

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