Blues Guitar Lesson – Fingerstyle Blues (both Rhythm and Lead) – EP202

Blues Guitar Lesson - Fingerstyle Blues (both Rhythm and Lead) - EP202

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a Chet Atkins fingerstyle blues rhythm in the key of E. I’ll break everything down and show you how to play it note for note. I’ve also included a separate video showing how to play a lead part along with the rhythm. That’s available for Premium Members.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video for this blues fingerstyle lesson, as well as the lead guitar lesson video, tablature, and MP3 jam track to practice with, visit
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  1. The Last Steam Engine Train 🙂

  2. There's a 7+ minute clip, of the Fender factory, 1959. The guy playin over it got my attention. Check it out, see if you get any ideas from it. Thanks Brian!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Patrick Crowley

    Hey Brian I was wondering if you could do a lesson on George Harrison style soloing, I know you did one demonstrating his slide style but how about one in an ordinary soloing style.

  4. Real Anime Secrets

    Man, you really have some strong little fingers…I m hard stuck at bending any notes with little fingers on an acoustic..

  5. This is great !

  6. Blues Guitar Institute

    Great lesson, Brian! Just fantastic playing dude.

  7. What a great lesson – thanks very much. Somebody hit the 'thumbs down' by mistake it seems – or you truly can not please all the people all the time…

  8. Superb Love It!!!

  9. Very cool, thanks much!

  10. Silvestre Barraza

    Nice lesson and cool shirt

  11. This is class pal!

  12. Sounds like Johnny Cash's "big river"

  13. Michael Gallagher

    To you lead guitarist out there, notice how the lead guitarist was watching the timing of the rhythm guitarist. Thanks to the whole band. HA!

  14. Please do more acoustic guitar lessons !! That is awesome !!

  15. that is a nice guitar you have there Brian. what are your thoughts about playing rhythm in blues with that guitar ? and I don't think that you mentioned what brand was the guitar? just asking coz I think it really sounds good

  16. Absolutely on the money. Can't wait to get stuck into this!

  17. Yiehaaaa!

  18. Richard Sørensen

    it sounds great but i am still practise on John Fogeety from last week but. i got to keep my focus even it is hard with all those tempting choices here on Active melody!

  19. Also has a last steam engine train vibe. (ANOTHER) Great lesson.

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