Blues Guitar Lesson – Learn a Raw, Down and Dirty Sounding Blues (in a Trio) – EP175

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In this down and dirty blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a very raw sounding electric blues in a blues trio scenario. This is made up of licks by Jimmie Vaughan, Muddy Waters, Hubert Sumlin, and various other blues artists that I admire.
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  1. Brian, would u consider a non accompanying, bluesy Amazing Grace sometime? Thanks♣️

  2. great lesson Brian :)

  3. Brian Thank you so very much for these..

  4. This is really a great lesson Brian….hope to see more like this.Thanks!!!

  5. Great lesson Brian. I've learned a lot from you, thx for what you do!

  6. J'adore. Le crunch est terrible !

  7. oops I think i spelled your name wrong….sorry if i did….i used my grandsons spelling

  8. nice one Bryan….best blues one yet in my opinion…I especially like that little lick at the 30 second mark…keep on jammin man

  9. Any suggestions on how to get that sound on an amp?

  10. That was so good!

  11. ACE, Cheers Brian, Steady…

  12. Brian, I seriously want to get into lead so so bad but I have no clue on where to really dig in ya know? I know my scales etc. & I've even watched your "How to create melodic solos out of chord shapes" video too. But I still don't know exactly where to go. When I play I feel like I'm just repeating scales or just the FEW licks I know. Any suggestions?? Please respond:)

  13. Superb!!

  14. Great video! Wonderfull playing!

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