Blues Guitar Lesson – Minor Key Electric Blues Progression

Blues Guitar Lesson - Minor Key Electric Blues Progression

Eric Madis, instructor and acclaimed blues musician, presents a free blues guitar lesson in which he teaches a minor key progression. Check out this link for more lessons : .

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  1. My 10 000 hours

    great lesson !

  2. Thomas Carpenter

    Eric, I really like the four split screen lessons. IF I sign up for Jam Play are all your lessons for blues like this?

  3. Great lesson and well instructed.

  4. super thanks mr Madis! you are a great teacher

  5. lots of talk,no interesting lead lines actually instructed.

  6. Henry Schaechterle

    Wow this video is 4yrs old and I'm just finding it — I'm constantly looking for minor blues stuff. Nice lesson as its kind of an advanced beginner level. Thanks for the blues.

  7. listen to zz top's,"i'm a fool for your stockings", and you'll hear this- what a pleasant surprise!

  8. Hi Aluchi,
    Hawkeye and I are good friends. The live lessons that I give on Monday, I do not see any of the students. They just see me, and then they type their questions to me in that online chat. Thank you for your kind words. Take care and best regards.

  9. Aluchi Del Pasado

    I will do that for sure, but so far I am not that brave to go online in front of people. I will though one day. When I said you are my favourite teacher, I meant it though. But also to be honest Hawkeye is another favourite. I learn interchangeably from you two both.
    Thanks again. You are a cool and laid back teacher. Aluchi from Canada.

  10. Thank you very much, and stay in touch. If you ever have free time on Mondays, I teach a live lesson from 11am-1pm Pacific Time. Best wishes, Eric

  11. Aluchi Del Pasado

    Thank you Eric, I am a Jam Play user now, and you are my number one teacher.
    I highly recommend you to everyone. I like your jazz/blues style. You are super.

  12. Thanks!

  13. Muchas gracias!

  14. Thanks. I have over 100 lessons online at, including acoustic fingerstyle blues, electric blues, and bottleneck slide.

  15. Gibson ES-135, but with Seymour Duncan mini-humbuckers.

  16. There is no bass in the background.

  17. Thank you, Rob!

  18. i hear a bass playing in the background or is that just me.

  19. simple and i like it

  20. Aluchi Del Pasado

    I would like to have a teacher like you

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