Blues Guitar Lesson – Muddy Waters Style (Part 2) – EP214

This blues guitar lesson is a follow-up to EP213. Do to popular demand, I decided to extend the Muddy Waters style solo composition so this lesson is an additional 24 bars of solo blues composition.

If you’d like to view the second half of this lesson (and download the tablature), visit


  1. These are the only good blues lessons out there

  2. Again you have taught a master piece that enables me to play. The 'A' part is off the hook, the rhythm has been flowing through my mind all day.

  3. Mustafa Aytemur

    you are great (y) thank you

  4. Charlie SideShow

    Thank You so much, Brian!

  5. Oh my goodness! You're spoiling us good now!

  6. Timothy Johnosn

    I signed up on his site, the absolute best investment I have made for my hobby.

  7. Richard Sørensen

    good ide to make a lesson 2 on this . i Will be happy if you do this again with some other things you do !

  8. Very nice. It did remind me of " Rambling on My Mind". Thanks!

  9. Acoustic addict

    there is a eric clapton kind of something in uh….

  10. Thanks, Brian, what a great lesson, I like this even better than Part 1!

  11. I had to like it because I couldn't love it.

  12. Thanx Brian for part 2! I love your lessons and they bring me so much forward. Its also perfect as premium member with the Tab. I also enjoyed Lesson – EP208 in the Key of A . It would be so nice, if you would do a part 2 video for this as well! Thanx for all the good work. Greetings from Austria, Pat

  13. THX! This is just SO GOOD !!!

  14. Oh Brian you're loving that sweet sweet new Martin and its sweet sound, i can just tell. ANOTHER fantastic lesson!

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