Blues Guitar Lesson on Acoustic Guitar – Big Band, Swing Style: EP008

Visit to download the tab for this acoustic blues guitar lesson. In this lesson I show you how to play a Brian Setzer style blues on acoustic guitar, although this would work just as well on electric guitar. This lesson is intended for intermediate to advanced players, but there are several licks a beginner guitar player would be able to play.
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  1. Very helpful and well explained, thanx a lot.

  2. Slessarevich Industries

    Just want to get a thing out, You're awesome! love how you explain every little part you play in your videos 🙂

  3. Matthias Rawfood Lifestyle Kanal


  4. Very nice lesson and a great help to me

  5. greetings from brazil

  6. fine guitar but the tone is not that deep, small body means less room for bass. That's why violins are small and bass are big. Small guitars lose in thickness. 

  7. Repetition time.

  8. whats the name of the song?

  9. good exercisee >>.and tnx toooo

  10. Good lesson but way too much talking…this is not a beginner lesson so don't treat you listeners as such

  11. Fantastic lesson! The only problem I have is the speed of the lesson. It's far too slow. But I understand these are geared towards beginners too. These lessons really could be just 10 minutes or less. But other than that, it's great.

  12. Thks !!! <3

  13. Спасибо, Брайан! Я выучил урок за два дня! Я не понимаю по английски и учу всё на слух и по очень подробной последовательности, что Вы даете!

  14. Hi, you said the Guitar is an Alvarez AP170?  May I ask what store you got it from?  I was googling that guitar and I can't find it.  I only the AP70?  Is that an oversight on my part? Please let me know.  Thanks.

  15. very well done

  16. thanks so much … great stuff and lots of fun

  17. What guitar are you playing? Sound amazing!

  18. Love it, very well explained! Congratulations!

  19. Thank You
    This lesson stitches some things I know separately into one continuous flow and taught me some extra tonal in-between note stuff I need as well.

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